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“What began as a one man operation would later be one of the most prosperous independent labels in the Bay Area.” I argue that this triumphant tale should be a priority, put in practice the lessons learnt from this guide and learn from the greatest. Each step and word written is a result of tremendous research done and clarification from the horse’s mouth( JT the bigga figga). Most importantly, business tricks will be reviewed in regards to the film and music sector and the best real estate deals mentioned so that the next time you think about investing, you know whom to approach and how to go about it. The book highlights every kind of business endeavours partook along the way. All the companies created and their purpose will be discreetly cited for easy accessibility. You, my reader, are honoured to be a part of this greatness. Picture this, imagine coming from nothing, hustling from scratch and with no silver spoon or someone to vouch for you. You manage to break ancestral patterns that have dragged your generation to the gutters for a long time. After being able to make a name for yourself and ultimately bagging that deal you so long waited for, you get withdrawn from the deal and have to lose your team because they couldn’t keep up. When you think you’ve seen it all, your lab (in this case a worthy studio) gets robbed, everything taken and you finally realize that you’ve hit rock bottom. How does a passionate business oriented person deal with such a setback? This is what JT the bigga Figga did. With all that vexation and recentment he produced a movie that was the first ever independent project in the Bay Area. This was the genesis of distinction. It wasn't always easy. Meet the genius behind the discovery of The Game, a close associate to Snoop Dogg. When you google JT some of the names that come up are the likes of Dr. Dre, Master P, Daz Dillinger and a lot more yet to be revealed. INTRODUCTION JT the bigga Figga has natured and worked with hood personnels that you idolize today. Above all that, he is identified as a super excellent marketing expert who sold over 400,000 cd Records during his metamorphosis, designed merchandise that sold out, founder and CEO of Trapflix that I would undeniably say is a better version of Netflix. The Fillmoe Foundation Founder and a realtor who is recently exploring the real estate sector connecting the less informed tourists and offering them reasonable proposals. “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ~Marilyn Monroe. How else are you going to stand out if you can't deal with your demons? You should see JT the bigga Figga stands his ground and how loyal his fans are. With an inspirational figure as such, I am honoured to present to you this manual. Let’s dive in.

TrapflixDC 2 months ago
Thanks for the knowledge and game you given me over the years man.. Keep up God's plan.. more blessings always family, much love
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