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I am working at this place and a man walks in, gigantic athletic body and from his facial grin, you would conclude how free spirited he is( we were yet to discover how powerful this stranger was on the outside world). He gets to our table and respectful greets us. For the longest time I have worked here, a dozen of artists and other professionals walk by, utter one to zero words and famble their way to the studio. The only time they actually see you here is when they can’t find the toilet and conclusively think that it’s the perfect time to sneak in a smile and ask for directions. It’s not the perspective of not greeting us that I choose to concentrate on rather, the fact that amongst most of this souls, he is probably the kindest. His studio is set right up and everytime he arrived he would offer his greetings and made sure we were okay. Curiosity grew the better of us and so we did what Africans do best, snoop around. Learning about him humbled me and broadened my thinking. Who hustled at 5 years of age? I know I was probably wetting the bed to say the least. His charisma and strong character is admirable. He is the true definition of started from the bottom but now we are here. Let me reintroduce JT the Bigga Figga who is legally identified as Joseph Tom. He is an American rapper, record producer, film producer and record executive from Fillmore, San Francisco, California. JT has been running the game for thirty years now. He says, "You've got to be as hungry as ever because if you just lay back and give up you grow old and useless." JT the Bigga Figga is also a proud father and husband to his lovely family. The man believes so much in family it's fascinating. He believes in God through his favorite Minister Louis Barkhan who rebirthed him with the name Joseph Mohammed. For thirty years, a man has to evolve and expand his sources of income.

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