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Brother and Sister Prank War Goes Too Far!

Published on 03/10/23 / In Comedy

⁣My (then) girlfriend and my big brother got into a fight and here's what happened. It started when she poured Coca-Cola on him. Then he picked her up and held her under the shower. Then she ran out and pretended to slip on a puddle of water, feigning injury until he thought she was serious. He fell for it and she caught him with an uppercut to the gut. Then she picked up a piece of cardboard and set it on fire, so my brother got another piece and doused it with lighter fluid and set his on fire too! Then these fools started sword fighting with the flaming pieces of cardboard until it became too dangerous and they put them out. That's when I realized how priceless this content is and turned the camera on! The rest is here for you to enjoy...

Tag a sibling or an in-law if you've ever had an epic prank war!


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