Independent Game 1

Published on 12/16/22 / In Videos

⁣The streets of ATLANTA have become full of million dollar artists, but 360 deals have taken most of the money made. When JT The Bigga Figga moved to the city all that would change.

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Scrillakilla 5 days ago

Gotta get the sounds lined up insync to the movies and videos but damn nigga you got this platform right salute bro this a win for niggaz like us jt just a few more bugs fix Iike the uploading I tried to load my music and a video it's not ready yet but I know u gone get it right, first street nigga wit a streaming platform now you just gotta load it up full of new content newer movies new music and if you can get these weird ass industry nigga on board put they music on here on there own channel it will bring more traffic maybe u can do like you did wit filmolanta instead of booking niggaz for shows book em for a spot on exclusive content a deal to them niggaz to drop a project exclusively on trapflix they do all there stream on here go live wit fans and star in a movie that can be a package to a big artist you fuck wit that'll Start a trend other up and coming artist gonna want that exposure for there mixtapes and most importantly get the independent game straight from jt that's dope see wi this type platform you can do a lot do exclusive rights deals to niggaz and if you can get artist monetize for streams you Netflix and Spotify apple music

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T Rellie
T Rellie 6 days ago

Figg keep going hard showing us it’s possible with dedication and the most high

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Josephyl 7 days ago

Legend figg himself mob love

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HashimMutembeya 12 days ago

Much love and respect

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Neffew55555 12 days ago

Much respect figg..

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